Coda indent at the beginning of a system

There is an option for coda indent between measures

However, I could not find an option for the coda indent at the beginning of a system.
Could anyone help me?

Hi there

The coda indent will happen wherever you put it including at the beginning of a system. If you want an existing coda to start on a new system, put it there by placing a system break before the coda. Hope that helps.

Thank you for your advice.

Sorry that I have not accurately described what I need.
I need a Coda which starts with a new staff without any indent.
Could it be possible in Dorico?

That option applies to both. You can also drag the system marker in Engrave mode.

You can’t drag the ends of a system to reduce an indent, only to increase it.

I believe you want the Coda to be left-aligned without an indent. You can remove the indent by going to:
Engraving Options / Repeat Markers / Repeat Sections and set the “Default gap before mid-system coda section” to 0 spaces.

Thank you for your answers.

I think it would be great if Dorico provides

  • Default gap before mid-system coda section, and
  • Default gap before system coda section.

Could it be implemented in future?

I’m curious why you find that you don’t want a gap before a coda when it comes at the start of a system. The reason for the gap mid-system is to allow the player to see that position at a glance even if they are jumping from several pages previous to the coda. The gap is the dominant characteristic in helping the player to find the coda, more so than the coda sign itself. The gap has the same value and purpose even when it comes at the start of a system.

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I have a feeling that a new movement starts when seeing an indent in the middle of a piece. However, you are right. The gap is helpful to find the coda section when playing music. I just have an odd feeling whenever seeing this on the screen.

I’ve been working on some transcriptions recently. Very compact, mostly one page pop songs, most of which end with 4 or 8 bar codas. The indent is very visually distracting.

So I’ll +1 this from the grave.