Coda Symbol and Text separate when printed

The Coda symbol and text seem to layout differently when I print. The first image below shows how the coda and text appear in my active file but when I print (see the 2nd image), they separate. Any suggestions on how to get them to appear consistently in the work file and the print output?

Are you definitely viewing and printing the same layout? For example, have you printed the part layout when you’ve been working on the full score?

I’m not sure I understand your question. The part layout in Write and Edit tabs are different than the print tab for the same music. In Print tab, the Coda is moving to a different locations than in the Write/Edit tabs. No, I’m not switching between the full score and the parts.

I did import the original XML file from Sibelius 7.1, if that makes a difference. I did replace the coda symbols after importing to Dorico.

The layout previewed in Print mode is the layout selected in the list on the left, not necessarily the layout you were viewing in Write mode and also not the layout shown in the layout selector at the top of the project window.

Are your screenshots of the print preview or of e.g. an exported PDF? The print preview can be a fraction off, but the exported PDF is correct. When you export the layout to PDF, is the Coda position correct?

You should be able to check whether they have any graphical offsets by selecting them in Engrave mode and checking in the Properties panel for any Offset properties.

I checked the offset. It did have a setting other than zero. When I set the offset to zero, the problem becomes worse.Print Screen - Part - Coda text and symbol - when offset set to zero

Can you share the project (or a cut-down version of it if you prefer)? That’ll probably be easier to look at.

Dorico Test Document.dorico (703.7 KB)
Per your request. I deleted everything but the coda. I’ve seen this before too, so I’m wondering if somehow XML files from Sibelius are corrupting Dorico in some way…

Well, you’ve done something to the file I think.


The coda glyph has been replaced with this Q, and I can’t seem to restore it.

Update: I went into Engrave Menu–Music Font and restored Bravura, and it works now. Export works as well.

The only thing I did with the file was to change Character font. Under Engrave, Character Styles, Music Text, Font: Hiroshige Std Book, Style: Regular. I have this font on my PC. Is that going to affect the Coda and Symbol locations?

Hmm… Apparently so! When I restored Bravura as I described above, check what it does to the Character Style of “Music Text.”

Apparently the Coda symbol is linked somehow to this character style? But that’s news to me. Anyways, that fixes it.

So, I guess I can’t use a custom font without it producing problems. That’s a drag. This is a great looking font.

Thank you.

No, you can. You’re just using it incorrectly.

Where exactly do you want to use this font? For the Coda glyph? If so, you need to set this as an actual music font, not a character style.

Title, Composer, Chord Symbols, etc. Anywhere there is text.

Ok, then edit your Paragraph Styles. You can set it as the Title font, or as the Default Text, which is a cascading style.

That works. Thank you. I assumed the “Character” level was the base level, not “Paragraph.”

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“Character Styles” are “style presets” when you want to switch between fonts within a single paragraph of text. Helpful for when you’re switching back and forth between specialized formatting.

Thank you. That solves the problem.

There’s now a dedicated task in the manual to take you through how to change the default font styles used for text in a project. You need to go to two places, and change the named fonts there.