Code for Cubase LE provided by Donner does not work

Hi there. I am in the process of attempting to redeem a Download Access Code for (among other things) Cubase LE that I received with purchase of a Donner product. However, the code provided does not work when redeemed.
I looked into it, & apparently DACs are supposed to consist of five strings of five alphanumeric characters. The code provided by Donner consisted of only two of these strings, with DONNER appended to the front (removing this initial string has not worked). The code has a copy button attached to it which I have been using, so the issue is not one of incomplete transference.
Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciäted!


Does the code start with 0240? If yes, then it’s an Activation Code. Use it in the eLicenser.

If it doesn’t start like this, it’s a Download Access Code. Use it in your MySteinberg account.

Hi, my code does not start with a 0240, but it’s not long enough to be a Download Access Code (only has two of the five strings)

It’s a redeem code from Donner, you can claim it here:

Then follow the instructions: