COID-19 Dressed In Fear (SoundTrack)

Hi Guys,
have not composed anything in a long while, just dusting off the system, now that cubase 10.5 and nvidia are getting along.
let me know what you guys think… :mrgreen:

The intro sounded promising but I expected some stronger melody lines to follow. The melodic content after the intro (even though pretty) sounded nice but somehow it did not seem to be going anywhere.

I agree, I do struggle with melodic movement at time, and at times chord progression. But since it’s more of a sound track, melody is purposely muted till the very end when the piano comes in to finish off the track.

Hi Cubase6_user, keep composing. I do really like what you submit here. I realize some of us are thinking cinema, and not some sort of whole classical composition. That doesn’t take away from the work to create a well orchestrated piece. This was great.

Thanks, I am glad you liked it. Yeah I am working on something new, I am just trying to make sure Cubase 10.5.20 is stable. Just the other day, I got a DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model communication error) I have never seen these errors, in the past.
Something is a bit unstable with Cubase 10.5.20. Same system same everything.