Coil whine when UR22C is active

Hi! So I bought an Intel-based PC, and now I have a problem. There is two types of coil whine. Type A is what it does when the power plan is “balanced”. I have set it to “power saver” and this coil whine is gone. That’s the same thing as is was with my previous Intel machine.

Type B coil whine is this: I turn on the UR22C and let it play sound, I mean, a program uses it, then there will be coil whine. And sometimes there’s also coil whine when the UR22C should be idling actually. When I turn off the UR22C, the coil whine is definitely gone. So, there is some thing going on with it.

Do you have any tip or an idea? Thanks a lot!
Kind regards

PS: Unfortunately it’s pretty loud. I would hear it even if I move my PC from on my desk to under my desk. It’s awful TBH. :wink:

It’s gone! All I had to do is disable Intel Speedstep in the BIOS. Found it by pure luck. :smiley: :relaxed:

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