Coincident barlines in polymetric music

When I try to draw double barlines in polymeric music, sometimes it doesn’t work for both staves.
See my little test project: barline 2 and barline 6 are coincident, but somehow I can’t create a double barline for the whole system. Am I doing something wrong? (A single barline shows that both staves are coincident though.)

barline (308 KB)

Dorico will only allow you to have a single barline that crosses all the staves if there’s a global time signature in force there: if you have independent time signatures going on, then it won’t draw a barline between all staves, even if the barlines happen to be coincident.

Thanks for your answer Daniël. Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear.
I can’t draw a double barline in the G clef. In bar 2 and 6 Dorico only allows a double line in F clef…

Sorry, I did misunderstand you. If you also create a local double barline at the same location as the local time signature, you should get what you want: select the e.g. 6/8 time signature in the upper staff in bar 2, then hold Alt and click the double barline in the Bars and Barlines panel (or do Shift+B, ||, and confirm the popover with Alt+Return).

Yes, that did the trick. I used Return in stead of Alt-Return.
And now I did get a bonus: a barline between staves too (bar 2 and 6)…

Thanks, but how does one create an independent meters in different staves to begin with?

Dear bluegallo,

Use shift-M, input the meter you want in the staff, and instead of hitting enter, hit alt-enter. Hope it helps !