Col pedale

Is there a way to write in a piano score “col Ped.” with the pedal icon? I tried - unsuccessfully - combining text with the pedal sign, but they sometimes drift apart, because Dorico doesn’t see them as one. Is there away to do this correctly?

Hi. Not sure if this is what you’re trying to achieve…

In this case, I simply used the staff text tool (shift-X), wrote col then ctrl-click>Insert Music Text, chose Keyboard techniques>Ped. Then change the plain text font to what you find ok, and the different sizes of both words.

Note that this won’t play col pedale on playback, it’s a simple text annotation :wink:

Yay! thanks very much! [Hope i understood all your instructions, but in any case good to know it’s possible…] exactly what I was looking for! much appreciated.