Colission avoidance with overridden X/Y location

Hope that I did enough research not to post a duplicate question:

Why does Dorico use the standard location of an item for collision avoidance and not the real location when using an overridden offset?

In other words: I relocated a playing technique to another location in Engrave mode but the Rehearsel Mark nearby moves to a higher spot, apparently to avoid collision. The same happens with text when chosen to move to the start of a system

It does this to ensure that the positioning of items, staves and systems is stable, and things don’t move around unexpectedly when you modify an item’s position. We know that there are certainly cases where it would be useful to be able to tell Dorico to use an item’s drawn position when performing collision avoidance, and we don’t rule out making it possible to do this in future.

ok, I understand, thank you for the reply