Collaborating between Elements and Pro

This may be a basic question, but I need to confirm.

I work with several laypeople in our church music program who often help with projects: my lead violinist adds bowings, and another individual might add a clarinet part to an existing arrangement if needed.

Their usage is pretty basic - no need for Engraving, for example. But if I create a score in Pro that has elements that only Pro can access (like a cue or a divisi), would they be able to open that document, make some minors edits, and save it intact with those elements I had added originally?

I’ll be needing a total of three licenses, so I’m hopeful Elements will work for these other two individuals.


How about, your colleagues consider installing the Trial editions of Dorico Elements…? You could then work together, over the course of a month, hopefully building a workflow that suits…

According to this answer from Daniel:

Elements does not destroy any part of the document that are outside its limitations.

Ah, should have searched. Thanks. And good news!!

I sent a score to one of my collaborators that I had created in Pro, so she could enter bowings. She has Elements.

She’s not able to edit the score because it has Pro features (too many staves). Message: “This project contains more players than this version of Dorico allows. It will open read-only, so you will be able to play and print but not edit it.”

Per Daniel’s previous answer, Elements users should be able to open, edit, and save Pro files. As it is, read-only functionality prevents collaboration, and relegates Elements to being merely a file viewer in my situation.

Is this something that can be addressed?

Dan, the limit is twelve players in Setup Mode.
For collaboration with Dorico Elements users one should stay beyond that amount.
If you have a big score, you could export just the strings and let your concert mistress do the bowings into that excerpt.
By the way, Dorico Elements limit is 12 players, not just 12 staves.

I realize that. Which is why I asked specifically about the nature of collaboration between Elements and Pro users, and understood from the reply that a score created in Pro (with things like divisi and cues) could indeed be edited and saved in Elements without losing the “Pro” features.

I did in fact export a custom string score as a separate file for my concertmistress, but it is a workaround I was not expecting. Since adding the bowed string parts will involve cutting and pasting back into the original score. Plenty of opportunities for user error.

I’m afraid this is not something we will be changing. Elements can only edit projects with up to 12 players, and it can’t tell anything about the provenance of the project that would make it think it’s OK to edit this specific Dorico project just because you sent it to your collaborator, I’m afraid. Dorico Pro and Dorico Elements are essentially the same product, and there’s no difference between a project created in Pro or Elements: the only difference is that Elements has some functionality restricted by way of the licensing.