Collaborating in Cubase from three or more remote locations

I would like to collaborate with two of my friends around a composition in Cubase - running on WINDOWS 10, but as far as I have been able to see from what I have read VST Connect is made for one “producer” and one “artist” a total of only 2. I have looked into various other options, we tried MS Teams - but we didn’t succeed in getting it to work with Cubase - I have googled and it seems there are ways - to make this work - but they all seem somewhat complicated. Actually I am also in doubt as to whether VST connect actually makes it possible for the “artist” to see the Cubase screen - which is what we would like to be able to do. Has anyone found an easy way of collaborating, chatting, listening, drumming some virtual drums, entering some audio and discussing around the Cubase window with video and audio from everyone - similar to what we would do if we were in the same room…???

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You might try out SessionWire:

THanks for the link -

  • it is not clear to me that it makes it possible to be three people working together around one Cubase session - (and I can’t test it until a Windows version becomes available). …

I read the FAQ - it is only for two locations :unamused: -

Currently we are using Teams + Voicemeter to get the Cubase sound through to Teams - it works OK and the fact that everyone can take control of the desktop where Cubase is running is nice for this kind of collaboration - but it is a bit fragile - the programs have to be started up in the right order and the audiointerface must be turned on beforeVoicemeter - and Cubase should use the Voicemeter ASIO driver and Teams should be configured to use Voicemeter for in and out etc. Not entirely straight forward so a program that does it all would e great - Sessionwire say they will make collaboration between more than two possible - which would be nice if they also make a Windows version (except I really don’t like “rental” model.