Collaborating with others on different versions

I did some search on the forums and did find anything so thought I would ask.

I have CB7 but collaborate with a couple of other musicians who work in CB6 and CB7 elements. Up until now we have mainly used my machine and I send them a mix which they import into their session and overdub to that. They then send me back a full length track so that I can just drop it in to my session at zero and its in sync.

This works but obviously we lose the benefit of sharing mix levels, edits or non full length files placed at the appropriate sample position.

Maybe what we are doing is only good option but I thought I would ask if there is a better way to go about collaborating with other Cubase users on other versions.



I’m pretty sure that C7 files will open on C6 versions and vice versa, the only issue I can see arising is if you’re using any full version only features, but if you take this into consideration when you prepare the project for sharing it shouldn’t be a deal breaker.
Have a squizz at the product comparison page on the Steinberg website and see if there’s anything that you’ll need to be aware of.



I collaborate with 3 other people on many projects, two of them use Artist and the other uses an iPad. That latter can only open projects and has to export new recordings as WAV to us, so we’ll ignore that one straight off! But the other two are 100% compatible with my full version provided I don’t use any feature they haven’t got, which isn’t really that much at all, mostly a few plugins. So it works well for us, and we’ve never had any problems at all. I believe they started with Elements but upgraded to get the Lanes feature for multiple takes and comping.