Collaboration I did with cubase 5

Quite proud of this, love your thoughts on it.

All done in cubase 5.
Bass - Fender P bass - Neve1073
Guitars - various - Marshall JVM410H - Royer 121/sm57 - ISA 848
Vocals - Gefell 92.1s - neve1073
Drums - Roland TD4 - BFD 2 and Halion1

mixed with waves SSL, CLA compressors, JJP and cubase plugs
mastered with Slate FG-X and some waves plugs

Hope you like it

I like it man. It sounds really good.

Cheers Audiocave

nice !

Cool song. I like the hook and the keys that peek out of the background on occasion. Nice punchy kick as well. :slight_smile:

Very nice :smiley:

Wow, thank guys for the great feedback. You’ve got me smiling away to myself :smiley:

great sound


This deserves a bump. One of the most contemporary songs and production I have heard on a cubase forum.

Very good.


Really, really nice :wink: great job all round.

I reckon you’ve earnt your pride and your smiles with this one.

You’ve actualy blown me away.

Composition and performance had that ‘world-famous song performed by the world-famous artist who composed it’ kind of feel.

If I worked in this style of music, I’d be caught between genuine and gentlemanly acknowledgement, and sick-as-a-parrot small minded jealousy and resentment.

Well done!
All the best

So kind guys, thanks :smiley:

This is just excellent! Very clean and commercial catchy pop song. Someone should pick up on this.


Excellent! Well mixed and a quality production.
Good song, and I love Stevie’s voice - perfect for this genre!

I hope to hear more from you.


Excellent. Love the drums. What did you use?

Cheers :slight_smile: Drums were all BFD2 with some of the expansion packs :wink:

I Like your setup. :slight_smile: I want Neve :frowning: I want Gefell…

Mix very cool.

I don’t like songs which are as heavily compressed and limited like this one, sorry (my ears don’t like these). But I would love to hear a more dynamic version of this song with great nuances because I think this one deserves it.

It’s a fine recording and a good vocal. My problem with it is that it sounds like dozens of other formulaic Pop-Rock hits we’ve been hearing for quite some time now. If that’s your ambition, I can respect that; you’re on your way.

Nice and clean, nice use of BFD. I actually like the compressed feel here.