Collapsed empty bars after Paste Special

I have a passage here, I wanted to duplicate a note to the next staff below. I used Paste Special To Staff Below function, and it’s now collapsed the empty bars that follow. This is a project which is a number of ideas separated by pauses of a couple bars each, but in some places, the empty spots are still placeholders that will be filled in later - so having them collapsed like this is a bit of a problem! Does anyone have an idea what could cause this, and how to undo this spacing change?
collapsed bars

If the Paste was a note with the “ends voice” property, it appears to have left no bar rests in bars 325–6 (even though I assume you have set them not to show generally). Where there are no entries (not even a hidden bar rest) Dorico has nothing to space, so the bars collapse like that. So check that the “ends voice” property for each of those notes in 323 is not set.


Oh fascinating. Yes, it appears that all of the notes have the “ends voice” property. Which leads me to wonder why it wasn’t collapsed BEFORE I pasted it. I guess something about the empty bars in that staff somehow kept it from collapsing, and once every staff was filled with these “end voice” notes, it met a condition to collapse what came after?

I forgot to mention originally that this material came from an XML import from Finale, so it’s not surprising that there’s some unusual properties popping up. Thank you! This does seem to fix it. Even just turning it off on a single note (even though all the other notes in the other staves still have it on) fixes the issue!

You might find that going into Preferences > MusicXML Import before you next import XML files, and deactivating as many options as possible, will result in better Dorico projects from those files.

The checkboxes on that page tell Dorico what settings to preserve from the XML. Deactivating them lets Dorico apply more Dorico-magic to stuff.


The missing piece of the explanation is that if bar rests were hidden in the source XML, that resulted in {Layout Options > Players > Bar Rests and Multi-bar Rests > Show bar rests in empty bars} being turned off. With that switch you can see where there were hidden bar rests versus no bar rests.

Thank you! Deselecting the specific box that does the “end voice” function is definitely what I needed to do to prevent this issue in the future!