Collapsed Panels

First off,
HAPPY DORICO DAY! (I gleefully shout this at my wife any time I wake up to an update. It’s tradition.)

I have two small requests in the event that a maintenance release for 3.5 is implemented:

1.) the “insert bar rest” button is always behind a collapsed panel. Could we please have this panel displayed open by default? Even on small screens there is plenty of room in the barline panel. This is one of the only panels I’ve found that is always collapsed by default (save the techniques panels).

[And while I’m thinking of it, it seems arbitrary to me that strings are always open in that panel. I rarely use strings, but I use keyboard and choral all day every day. I’d love it if either all the sub categories after “common” were collapsed, or we had a say over what is open by default.]

2.) it would be also be quite lovely if (and I believe this might be a design oversight) the buttons to decide line anchors were situated independently of the collapsible horizontal line panel or were duplicated in the vertical panel. I use vertical lines but rarely horizontal lines. I went to collapse that panel so I could get them out of my way and lo and behold, the anchor buttons disappeared too.

Thank you.

What you’ve done (as always) is truly amazing and I’m loving it. These are always terribly exciting days.

  1. It’s collapsed deliberately because you should rarely need to use it.

  2. The options for line positioning only affect horizontal lines, which is why they are located within the Horizontal Lines section of the Lines panel.

Thanks, as always, for your responses.

  1. Fair enough; but in the amount of space it takes to have the drop down box (even in a collapsed state) the button could simply be displayed.
  2. Duh. Captain obvious should have slapped me. lol.