Collapsible track segments

Not sure if it is right place to ask, but i will give it a shot. Lets say I am recording different audio takes on single track. For example audio recording through audiobus to cubasis. Sometimes the audio segments overlap. It is great if you see the start or the end point of one than you can touch it to bring it upfront and edit (for example fade in/out) what if the segment is short and is “under” ones recorded on top… How do you edit them?
Cakewalk had an elegant solution to expand track to have each take on a separate line, kind of like having tracks inside tracks. Is there a “proper” way to edit these hidden takes in cubasis? I hope I am making sense.
Thank you in advance,

I believe Cubase has that option. After recording several takes or punch ins there is a drop down option which shows me the takes individually. So far I cannot find where that option is available in Cubasis. I have to go through quit a process to compare punches and of times it annoying.
Is there an option like that?
Cubase also has markers. Is that in the future for Cubasis?
I am also having trouble on the punch in and out with previous takes still being heard when I punch. I thought the punch in eliminated audio on the tracks being recorded. Setting the left and right markers, and then using the in and out feature in the record options didn’t eliminate the background audio either.
Thanks for any help or suggestions.