Collapsible tracks in the mixer

I would like to be able to group tracks within the mixer so that they can collapse into a single track and then be treated just like a normal track - with volume controls, EQ and effects. This feature would not be unlike the “Reaper” feature in the arrange window.

At the moment I do this with a workaround by sending the tracks into a group channel which I can then treat as the group track described above. However, this is cumbersome and confusing because this group track is located somewhere other than the individual tracks and is also more difficult to create than with the feature described above.

I am a user of version 8.5. Since I could not find anything in the descriptions of the higher versions that corresponded to this, I did not buy the updates anymore, because the last updates have brought no improvements for me.

There’s at least a command to route channels to a new group simultaneously, you probably know.

To just have the group track left in the mixer you’ll have to hide the channels you don’t want to see manually. Left zone, visibility tab with ‚sync project and mixer‘ ticked.

Thanks, but I already know that. The problem is that when I for example use 10 combined sounds (all made from 2-3 synth). then I would have 20-30 simple tracks and 10 group tracks. With my feature proposal, everything would be much clearer.

I would absolutely love that. Look at this:

If it was implemented the way it is done in Studio One - you would get all you are looking for.