Collapsing top half Project Window

I have my project window split into two sections. In the top half I keep marker, tempo, chord, arranger tracks, so that they are always visible no matter where I scroll through tracks in the lower half. It’s really handy. What is not so handy is that every time I re-open a project I half to pull the split down and expand each of the upper tracks so that I can see them again as the upper portion of the split is collapsed to some minimum height. It’s not just the split either, each individual track height must be reset again as it has minimized it’s height to one line - of mashed markers for instance.

It would be a helpful timesaver if Cubase would remember the settings on the top half of the split like it does on the bottom. It’s not a new thing with this version.

Do you have the project window maximized? I ask because I use a similar setup and do not have tbis problem. My project window is half the screen and split (tempo, signature, etc…) on top so they are always visible, tracks are below. The bottom half of the screen is used for a mix console config.

Everything floats, no maximized windows.

No. My project window isn’t maximized, or full screen. All my windows float according to the main workspace I have set up, which makes me wonder if maybe the default workspace is overriding the adjustments I have saved with the project as I begin to fill in an expand elements in the top half of the split, so thanks for your question. I will experiment with an alternate workspace and see if that solves it.