Collect and save samples from sampler tracks?

Heloo ppl

Is there any chance to collect and save samples from sample treack(s) ?


If you’re using the Steinberg Presets in the sampler then these WAVs don’t come from standard WAV files stored in the file system, they’re taken from special Media Content files which are proprietary to Steinberg (.vstsound files). So, you can’t see the WAVs unless you’re using the Sampler or Media Browser.

But, by eyeballing the File Name in the sampler, you can then go and find this file in the Media Browser. Once found there you can drag this sample onto an audio track. Then you have it in the project. If you need to turn it into an actual WAV file, then you have to bounce it.

TBH, it’s not an easy process. It’d be great if there was more integration, i.e. for a start if you could use the Sampler to open the WAV in Media Browser, or directly drag and drop from the sampler to an audio track.

Or maybe someone else knows a much faster way??


I found a simple way by selecting media/prepare archive and all files are copied to root folder of audio project.


Yeah, that’s an interesting solution, but unfortunately it doesn’t actually work properly… It looks like it works, it brings the WAV files into the local Audio folder, and it looks in the pool like the Sampler is using the local file, but when you save and re-open the project then the Sampler track is again using the audio from the vstsound content. You can see this in action by opening the pool after reloading and you’ll find that the new WAV is there but also the original vstsound entry is back in the list as well, and that’s the one that’s being used.

So, Prepare Archive does bring the sample into the local folder but it doesn’t make the Sampler play the local WAV file. To get the Sampler to play the new local file, you can drag the file from the pool into the sampler window. Only problem is that this then loses the fades and loop start/end points. Can’t find a way of avoiding this, over to someone else??

Also, I’ve just worked out a way of getting the samples into the pool on a per file basis rather than on the whole pool as done by Prepare Archive. It suffers from the same problem as above of course! Use Convert Files in the pool:

  1. Open the pool
  2. Select the Sampler track sample that you want to move to your project folder (tip - look at the Used field
  3. Right click and select ‘Convert Files…
  4. Use settings Keep, Keep, Keep, Broadcast Wav File, New + Replace in Pool
  5. Click OK
  6. Click Proceed in the final dialog window

This will move the sample into the Audio folder, convert it to Broadcast Wav (so no change in audio quality, simply a file header change).

Doing it on a per file basis can avoid dragging in sounds you’d like to keep in other places and also unused Sampler sounds (because when you swap sounds in the sampler it keeps the previous sound sample in the pool, so you can end up with a whole load of sounds that you’re not using in the pool, and thus doing Prepare Archive would drag all of those unused sounds in. Or you could just Remove Unused Media or remove those samples from the pool before using Prepare Archive :slight_smile: )


I have a problem with the sampler track and creating a backup of the project at another location:

If i use one of the archive options (media ->prepare archive and file->create backup of the project) and choose a new location for the project folder (e.g. my desktop), every audio file that is used in the project will be copied, and the new file location is showed in the pool (e.g. desktop/project name/audio/filename) except the audio which is used in the sampler track. There, the old path where the backup is made from is still showing in the pool. If i delete this old folder, the file went missing. Is this a bug or did i do something wrong?

Cheeres, Tomess

Would be great if Cubase would include Sampler as well as Halion samples in the ‘prepare track archive’ function.

ok, so you’re saying this is normal behaviour?

This is definitely not a normal behavior and maybe you will be surprised to know that this is still there. I have just shot my knee with this. Backed up the project and then deleted the old one. But sampler track still wants the old files. And also it doesn’t remember pitch settings. So if you re-drop necessary files into it, you will need retune everything again. I doubt this is handled in 10.5