Collect Preferences with Crash files for Quality Assurance


For years, we encounter issues/crashes related to preferences. One search about “safe mode” will tell you how many times this happens.

It is good that Cubase now has a new splash screen for safe mode. I think Steinberg needs to start collecting user preferences along with crash data; and research vigorously to find the causes of the Cubase crashing or not working as it should with corrupt ( or whatever) user’s preferences. Maybe, developers can store the user preference as a hash code and embed it inside the crash file to be reported.

Maybe they can create a table ( or a database ) :

| Preference          | Error type ( crash/bug)        | OS ( Mac/Win) | User comment  |
| hash 1              | Crash                            | Mac                 | moved a note with mouse in score editor |
| hash 2              | bug                               | Win                 | inserted 3rd party plugin |
| hash 3              | crash                            | Mac                | opened key editor |[/color]