Colliding Worlds missing WAV files


I’ve just installed (without any errors during the installation process) the Colliding Worlds instrument set and I’m having two problems:

  1. The instrument set is seen from within Groove Agent SE but not from within Groove Agent 4, which I use more often.
  2. Some of the instrument’s kits are missing the required WAV files (see attachment as example).

I’ve reinstalled twice, I still get these issues. I’d be grateful if Steinberg double checked if the installer is good and let me know.

Thanks and regards
Colliding Worlds missing Sounds.png

Oh, I see that this problem is already 1 year old and doesn’t seem to be fixed yet. Have you discovered a workaround to open the presets of colliding worlds in groove agent 4?

Colliding worlds expansion seems to act strange. It doesn’t show up in media bay (no icon) nor can I search for it by attributes. I have to browse to the presets with the groove agent file browser and then, when I double click on a preset, nothing happens.