Collision between bar numbers and page text

Dorico 2 trial
How can I prevent bar numbers below the staves to collide with a copyright page text at the bottom of a page without manually moving the systems?
Though there is enough space Dorico does not automatically adjust the space between the systems to prevent these collisions.
I tried all kind of vertical spacing without success.

It might be easiest to edit your master page: adjust either the padding at the bottom of the music frame, or even raise the bottom of the music frame.

Thanks for your suggestion.
Rather than changing the master pages setting I would like to first really understand what I can expect (ability as well as limitations) from the mechanisms in “Layout Options / Vertical Spacing”.
I am also aware that with “Engrave Mode / Staff Spacing active” I can place anything exactly where I want .

But now I am puzzled!
I had written a longer post to better explain the problem I encounter and I wanted to upload some images and the project.
Just before posting I decided to try once more and I set both Vertical Justification values to 100% and all of a sudden the collisions disappeared!
I don’t think that setting Vertical Justification to 100% is the solution for everything but at least in this project it seems to be!
I will then for the time being stop asking and continue to explore the program on my own.