Collision flag and barline, what to do?


as you see in the image, the flag of the 8-note in bar 13 collides with the barline. Why, and what should I do? I tried to make space by changing the length of the multirest but did not succeed. It seems strange btw that the 12-bar rest is longer than the 15-bar rest a bit later on the same line. I did not change anything in engrave mode, all automatic.

Well, the overall spacing seems awfully tight. Did you force the bars onto the line, maybe by accident??

No, I did not do anything at all.
I tried to delete and re-enter, but nothing happened. I ended up inserting manual system breaks, problem solved for now. But I do think that the program should make space when needed by changing the length of the multirests. Or at least have the possibility to shorten them manually (couldn’t find that either!).

… at last I found that I can go to engraving options and adjust min-max widths for multirests. Problem partly solved.

You could also change the space size of your layout… (in Layout options, page setup) Unless you have to keep a precise size, it is a real POWERFUL parameter !

You mean note spacing? Thanks, I will check that!

Actually I meant space size, which controls the size of everything (equivalent to staff size in Sib I guess). But you might find interesting controls in Note spacing, although I am not shure it could handle this specific problem.

Ok, now I see what you mean. Yes, I have already been adjusting that to something that works well with all the other pages. Adjusting min-max sizes of multirests did the trick this time.