Collision issue

Hi Guys, I’ve found some reproducable steps to demonstrate a collision issue. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong, or if in fact it’s a bug.

  1. Create new score, add solo piano
  2. TS is 4/4
  3. using 8th notes enter 3 ascending octaves of fmajor scale starting at the F above middle c (When finished, flow name should now be colliding with system track)
  4. add a chord to the first beat of each bar (gmi7, Fmi7, gmi7) (now the chords are colliding with flow name)
  5. double clicking ANY chord is now impossible as it brings up flow title box.

Cheers guys,

It’s not a bug, it’s just the fact that the default page format doesn’t make space for so many leger lines.

In Layout Options / Page Setup, you can increase the flow heading bottom margin, or (on pages without a flow header) the music frame top margin.

If this only occurs on one page, you can drag the top system down the page in Engrave mode. The Page Setup options will affect all pages.

If you don’t change the layout, you can select the chord symbols in Galley view. Switch off the system track if it gets in the way.

I understand how you can control everything in Dorico, and that’s amazing. I guess I’m wondering if there should be some default spacing in certain cases. Should it look good out of the box kind of thing. Here’s another example where the Flow name is colliding with the system track. Is it expected that the user must often tweak settings for it to look good. I thought that was against Dorico philosophy?

Dear theduke,
FWIW, it really doesn’t matter that the system track collides with anything… The proper Dorico way of entering notes is using galley view, where no titles are involved (nor automatic spacing…). In Engrave mode, in the Master pages or in the pages as overrides, you can change the frames top and bottom paddings, which prove useful if you have lots of objects protruding above the top staff (i.e. chords, chord diagrams) but less if you’re dealing with symphonic orchestral music…
It’s one limitation of Dorico being WYSIWYG : some decisions have to be made by the user, otherwise the software would be turning round in circles to know whether this page should have three or four systems, etc… You need to help it with breaks, eventual padding… at least until now, that’s how you’ll get the best out of it.

Ok, I understand. Cheers guys

A general “rule” in music engraving is that the top and bottom staves should be at the same vertical position on every page, otherwise the left and right hand pages of an open book look a mess. (Except for pages with titles at the top, of course).

Dorico chooses a reasonable default spacing which follows that rule, since most scores don’t use more than 3 or 4 leger lines above the top staff on a page or below the bottom one.

If you need more space than the “average” score because you want to include chord diagrams, chord symbols, lots of text instructions, lots of leger lines, etc, you just have to change the page format to make room for them.