Collisions and rest position

Now working on the toccatas for harpsichord by JSB, and stumbled upon a strange inconsistency (to my eyes, for what its worth).
It is about the following measure in the f#-minor Toccata, this is the measure as done by Henle:

A complicated measure I admit!
This is what Dorico (and me) made of it:
not bad, except that I do not like those rests high up (I now see that I entered a 16th d instead of a 8th at the end, but that not the problem).
So in Engraving mode change the position of the first rest:
when changing the position up again the rest and notes shift to avoid collision:
Very nice, and just what I needed and hoped for.

But with the second rest (and the third also) this does not work anymore, no shifting to the right or left, but just a plain collision:

What am I missing here? The rests are in the same voice and same measure, nothing changed as far as I can see! Do I miss something, or is it some kind of impossible thing, or perhaps a bug?

The problem is that Dorico doesn’t offer voice columns for rests. Just yesterday Daniel posted a nice, thorough description of the current workaround for this problem.

Yes that was clear to me :grinning:
But then my question remains why for the first rest it DID work?

The 16th rest gets out of the way of the rhythm dot on the previous beat. (A note there would do the same.) Before the eighth rest there’s nothing special to avoid.

Ok thanks, that did the trick, what a strange coincidence Daniel mentioning it just yesterday!
But it is not something I would like to do every day…
Let’s blame the composer for writing so dense and rythmically complicated counterpoint :grinning:

Yeah, who did that Bach guy think he was, anyway? :angry:

Bach? Never heard of him while playing preludes and fugues.

Nonetheless, would be great to have the ability to manipulate rests better.