Colo(u)r setting not working for multi rests

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Just writing some pop drum charts, using the 'Play n nomenclature to condense the parts. I can hide the symbols for % (rpt last bar) if I consolidate those, then add the text (shown in the higher staff in the pic), which works fine (so I suppose I don’t need a different solution), but was wondering why, as in the pic, the H-bar and number of the multi-rest don’t hide using the same trick?

Like I said, my method produces the right result at the moment, although if I wanted to use a string of % marks in the same layout, I couldn’t because you need to either consolidate them or not (like in the pic, there’s a 2-bar one, which you can break, using the properties panel).

Anyhow, just wondering…


Some items in Dorico simply don’t support having an overridden colour, I’m afraid, despite the user interface making it appear that they do. Multi-bar rests are among them. It is our intention to sweep up issues like this, but for boring technical reasons it requires the support to be added to each type of item in turn (because each type of item is drawn by its own dedicated processor). I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Hi @dspreadbury , thanks for the prompt reply.

It’s not an issue, as I said, I can achieve what I wanted using the repeat bars signs. Was just interested.

Also, during my play around (and maybe something to do with the colour selection not being implemented for these items) I noticed that the little colour box next to the toggle (the one you click to bring up the colour picker) disappears. However, if you click in the area where it should be, it brings up the colour picker as it should.

Just FYI.


It doesn’t disappear, it just ends up showing black, which is hard to see against the dark background colour of the Properties panel!

Unless you work with the Light theme … Color, Light BG

Hi Daniel,

Without wishing to be contrary, it does disappear when you set the alpha channel to 0 (which kind of makes sense as the ‘colour’ is now transparent)

colour box gone



Hi guys,

Sorry to return to this, but I’m having a confusing issue now…

I’ve realised that using the % marks isn’t quite working as expected.

When I use the alpha channel to hide the consolidated marks, it hides both the number and the % in engrave and write modes:

However, when in print mode (and in the PDF output) the number stays hidden but the % mark returns…

I’ve tried exporting in mono and colo(u)r, no difference.

This worked fine in the older versions of Dorico, the below was created in 3.5.10, using the same method…

Here’s a cut down of the project for you to look at…

Drums repeats issue.dorico (1.8 MB)

@dspreadbury thoughts?

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And here’s what happens in print mode when I open the above cut down file in 3.5.10



Once again apolgies for bumping this thread…

I’ve been playing with this some more. I have a template for a printed output to go along with my ‘handwritten’ one.

The work around I’m using in the handwritten font template in order to aleviate the % not hiding in D 4.3 is to set the background colour switch in the paragraph styles dialogue and drag the Play x text over the % in the staff. This works great as I’m using BopMusic enclosure which allows for the brackets and overline as above.

However, in my printed template, there is no enclosure with the font I’m using (minion pro).

If I set the background switch in paragraph styles, with just text, this works.

However the issue I’m currently having is a weird one. I’d like the Play n text in a box.

When I set the border property in the paragraph styles dialogue, I get this (using the instant print preview )

When I turn the border on using the properties panel, I get this (which is what I want)

You can also see that there’s a disparity with the size and width of the border, and my understanding of the properties panel is that it is used to uniquely override the default settings, this time, I’m assuming in the paragraph styles dialogue?

Anyhow, this feels odd to me and I’m not sure is if has anything to do with the issue I’m having with the % not hiding in D4 like it did in D3.5 but it may be related.

I’d really like in both templates to put the Play n text above the staff if possible.

Again, sorry to bother again with this @dspreadbury but maybe you can shed some light?

Thanks as always,


Guys, I know bumping is not allowed here, but I would like to know if this is a bug or whether it’s expected behaviour in D4? The process of hiding, as stated above, works fine in D3.5 but no longer in D4 and I’d like to not have to put all my files back into D3.5 for printing every time?

If it is expected, anyone think of a work around in D4 to make the % signs hide?

Thanks and apologies again for bumping,


If you don’t need to see the % signs anywhere in the project, you can go to Library>Music Symbols, search for Repeat last bar, delete the % glyph and click OK.

Thanks for the reply John, unfortunately, I need them for the times when there’s only 1 bar of repeated stuff. I just find it odd that the hiding procedure works in 3.5 but doesn’t in 4…



In addition to making the numbers and % signs for multi-bar bar repeats transparent, what if you also set their custom scale to 1? The numbers will remain hidden and the % signs will shrink until they are hidden in the middle staff line.


That would work! Didnt’ think of that!

Cheers for seeing through the trees to the wood…

Still doesn’t answer whether this was changed in D4 by design or not and also the whole border/background erase/size thing I noticed above.



If the % signs are transparent in write and engrave mode but not in print mode, that seems like a bug to me.

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With apologies for it taking so long for me to have a chance to really look into this, I can confirm that there is a problem with the way colour overrides are handled for bar repeats. We will address this in a future update.

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Thanks for taking the time @dspreadbury , the support here, as always, is impeccable.