Color and Mixer Issue

Hol, working with Cubase 12 I am a couple of “fools” problems

the first is; The colors at the Mix Console sometimes become dark (see image), I have opened another Mix Console to compare.

The second, when opening a Mix Console, if we deselect all the Racks visialization options, etc. To stay with the FADERS, now remains the empty space (see image), before, (if bad I remember) adjusted automatically. The good thing is that you can do it by hand … but it would be good, you know, fix it.

happens to me too. to get around the problem I selected the latency display, it takes up little space above the fader and automatically enlarges the other of the faders. I think it’s a little accident

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It’s good to know, that it does not happen to me only. thanks for comment.

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