Color Assignment

Hi All,
I have colored the project zones and mixconsole to my tastes. There is one thing that I can’t figure out.
When I select a track in the project area, it shows the selection by overlaying an almost white color over the default dark grey track so it is easy to identify. On the mixconsole however, the same selected track only shows a faint shading over the track to show it is selected and it’s a lot harder to pick up. Is this changeable in the color preferences and if so, what is it labeled as?
Thanks for your thoughts.



Unfortunately you cannot set the selection color neither in the Project window nor in the MixConsole.

Ok, thanks for that update. I know what my next feature request is going to be.
The last Cubase version I have is Studio 5 and the track selection color on the mixer is the same as the project window selection and is easy to see. The shading that is used for track selection on the Cubase 9 mixconsole is a lot harder to pick up. I just don’t see the advantage in that change.


Please steinberg. We can’t e different between track selected and not selected.

On my Cubase 9 PRO selected event in project window is colored black and i can’t see fade handles.

Is there any option to remedy this?


Have you tried to change colors in cubase/preferences/appearance

Your event color should coincide with the track color. Try changing the track color to a lighter one to see if that helps. If not, there is a setting that will separate the two so they don’t sync. You might want to check for that also.