Color does not sync!

Bump. Is it really so difficult to type a simple answer as to whether or not this is being looked at? Tell you what, just type “y” for yes and “n” for no. That should take you all of 10 seconds. Thanks!

Yes, 4 months with not a peep out of Steinberg. A simple “no” would be lovely at this point. I know you’re out there because you respond to other threads.


This isn’t working for me either - makes it a lot less usable than if the colours matched up…

Bumping this back up.

4 months, any news on whether or not you all are working on this? Thank you!


Thanks hitwriter! Hey Steinberg???

Fired up Pro Tools Control for a Foley revision. 35 tracks in the project but very easy to find the track I need because the colors sync with Nuendo, unlike Steinberg’s own app…a problem they have now ignored acknowledging for six months.

Hi Steinberg folks, any chance you have the COMMON COURTESY to reply to this thread that is now 5 MONTHS OLD!?!



I’m back, mid May, still no answer from Steinberg, yay!


Bump! Now it’s June, still no acknowledgement from Steinberg.

Bump! Welcome to August and no reply from Steinberg.

Waiting for the same…

September 2018, still being ignored by Steinberg.

October 2018, still no response from Steinberg.

Welcome to November 2018, no response from Steinberg! 1 year and 2 months, is this the oldest bug thread being ignored by Steinberg? :open_mouth: