Color does not sync!

I just came back to check on this one and was heartened to see Dog and Pony’s one man crusade to get this resolved is still going strong. Hopefully there will be a response by Steinberg one day…

Same problem here: First, I thought track names they were absent. Then I realised track names default colors are dark-gray over black. I started changing colors in Cubase (windows) : yeah! Track names apeared in Cubase iC! But, a purple track in Cubase is displayed green in iC. At least I can see my tracks at remote locations.

Thanks for chiming in guys! Here we are in December 2018 and still no response from Steinberg. 1 year and 3 months now!


Merry Christmas!

I can feel your pain. Stay strong!

I can feel your pain. Stay strong!

Haha! I will just keep coming back. Maybe I’ll start a new thread so they have to acknowledge this!




Bump for the end of April 2019.


July 2019 bump.

August 2019, Bump!

How time flies! Bump!

Oct 2019 bump

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Bump: Summer 2020 - no Euro 2020 championships - no track colour synchronisation either.

Avid has a better app that sync perfectly with the collors in Cubase, and it is free.
It seems like Steinberg not support this app anymore, but still takes money for it.
The Avid Controller app is much much better, and works perfectly with Cubase. Why is Avid making an app that works betterwith Cubase, than Steinbergs Cubase iC pro?

Devoted has a superior application that synchronizes impeccably with the hues in Cubase, and it is free.

It appears Steinberg not bolster this application any longer yet takes cash for it.

The Avid Controller application is a whole lot better and works consummately with Cubase. For what reason is Avid making an application that works better with Cubase, than Steinbergs Cubase iC expert?