Color does not sync!

has the same problem. ask for helps from this forum expert

Same here.

Hi Steinberg, any plans to fix this problem? PT Control syncs the colors perfectly, sure would be nice if Steinberg’s own app did that! john


Hey all you lovely Steinberg folk, any chance I can get an answer to this question about colors syncing between Nuendo and ICPro? Danke! Grazie! Thank you! Merci! Gracias!

Good afternoon Steinberg! Once again I am asking, any plans to make the app sync colors with Nuendo? Thank you!

Hi Steinberg! Once again asking if there are plans to make the colors sync between iCPro and Nuendo/Cubase? Thanks!

Hey Steinberg peeps! Here’s my weekly bump, sure would be nice if someone who works for Steinberg would at least acknowledge the question! Cheers, john

Howdy Steinberg folks! Back again asking the same question, any chance you’ll answer a paying customer? I won’t let this die!

All I want for Christmas is you to answer me, and my colors to sync and you to answer me! (sing it to the tune of All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!)


Wow, soon 4 months with no answer at all. Going strong Steinberg. Doing what you do best.

Bump. Is it really so difficult to type a simple answer as to whether or not this is being looked at? Tell you what, just type “y” for yes and “n” for no. That should take you all of 10 seconds. Thanks!

Yes, 4 months with not a peep out of Steinberg. A simple “no” would be lovely at this point. I know you’re out there because you respond to other threads.


This isn’t working for me either - makes it a lot less usable than if the colours matched up…

Bumping this back up.

4 months, any news on whether or not you all are working on this? Thank you!


Thanks hitwriter! Hey Steinberg???