COLOR each TAKE different automatically

Whenever i record multiple takes with a client (Always 3), i have to manually change the color of EACH take to something else so my client understands that TAKE 1 is the blue track, TAKE 2 is the yellow and TAKE 3 is the red when we are going through and comping. It would be SO much easier if there was a preference that had “assign next color plus 1” to successive TAKES or passes in Lanes. SOMETHING that would color using the colors of my choice to each next pass! PLEAAAAASEE!

It’s also not currently possible, but your request gave me a thought re. the PLE.

I think it would be great if there was an Action, whereby you selected a series of Audio Events (or MIDI Parts) and you could execute a PLE command which would auto-magically colourise them differently. And then… taking it one step further, it could re-label each take VOCAL_TAKE_09:22PM, VOCAL_TAKE_09:23PM, etc.

IOW: I think it would be great if there were PLE commands to ‘loop’ through a series of events/parts and re-label them in various ways according to a formula that the user might specify… (colour, track name, datetime stamp, etc.) Similar to the auto-naming in audio export.