Color in Mixer

I recently upgraded to 6.0.3 from 5.5 and am getting used to some of the new features. One question I have is how do we change the color of the track name fields in the mixer window? I figured out how to do it in the project window (p. 538), but can’t figure out how to change it in the mixer window itself. I’ve read forum posts, articles, etc. and have extracted 2 mutually exclusive general themes:
*) It’s not possible to change colors in the mixer window
*) You can change color in the mixer window with Ctrl-Click on the desired channel

It’s really hard for me to believe we can’t change colors in the mixer window and I hope this is incorrect. At the same time, Ctrl-Click hasn’t worked for me yet so I am wondering if I am just clicking in the wrong place.

Thanks in advance.

Ctrl-Click in the Mixer Window on the Channel Name field and select a color from the color strip pop-up.

Hope this helps.

That was exactly it - I was clicking all over the channel strip, but not on the name. Thanks Jeke!