Color notehead in chords


is it possible to acheive something like this? Right now, I need to input the quarter note on the next beat, and then drag it manually in engrave mode. I have many chords, which I would like to have some white and black noteheads altogether. The color option in the properties panel only behave on the contour for half notes (it’s not filling in), and for the entire notehead (including the contour) for the quarter-note, so it doesn’t work.

Thanks a lot!
Capture d’écran, le 2020-06-14 à 19.26.04.png

Either define a custom notehead set that uses a copy of the default quarter notehead for all durations, then apply that notehead just to the bottom note, or use two voices then (in the Engrave mode properties panel) set both of their Voice Column Index values to 0.

Dear Sébastien,
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Thank you both!