Color on mixer output channel


As written in the subject, I’d like to color the mixer output channels. I thought it’s not possible untill I found just ONE mixer output channel with the arrow allowing to choose the color ! :open_mouth: And I don’t know how this arrow appeared in the channel ! :mrgreen: :unamused:

How can I do ?? I don’t find the way ! :astonished:


As workaround, create a master bus, where all other channels area routed to, and link its output to the Main out (the grey one). Now color the master bus to your desire and hide the main stereo in the visibility agent. Voila, colored main out…

Cheers! :smiley:

Thanks, VinnieD !
But I think I’ve been too laconic. I don’t mix in cubase : I use 32 st asio channels to route every one to my secret weapon : Scope ! and I mix all there.
So I need to keep every asio outputs with only one instrument each and some colors would be good looking…

The thing that I think about is that one of those output in cubase mixing console has the color feature ! But just one amongst the 31 other ! And I can’t reproduce that ! I didn’t create any master bus… I simply don’t know how that happend !

If anyone knows… Don’t hesitate to let me know !

Many thanks !

That’s it ! :astonished: I know why only 1 output channel had color !

Now, I can reproduce this ! Eh eh ! :open_mouth:

To have colored output channel in the mixconsole, you just have to turn its automation button to “write”, the volume automation track appears in the project window where you can choose a color ! :mrgreen:

No need to write any automation. :confused:

It took time but I’ve found !