Color palette

Based on the here they are reproduced for Nuendo.

IMPORTANT: Please backup your preferences directory just in case.

To use:

  • Open an editor like Notepad++ and copy/paste the colors you want from the spreadsheet into this new document.
    Note: When copying from Sheets there will be extra “” added due to the carriage returns in formatting so we need to “clean” this copy/paste.
  • Do a search and replace for the following:

" replace with
" replace with
“” replace with "

  • Ensure Nuendo is closed
  • Open Defaults.xml which is located in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Nuendo 6_64
  • Do a search for a color name you know (e.g. Color 1) and you should find your color section with each color enclosed in tags e.g.
                     <string name="Name" value="Color 1" wide="true"/>
                     <int name="Color" value="4293356362"/>
  • Paste the code between the item tags from your clean Notepad++ color document into your Defaults.xml for the colors you want. You can either append existing colors or delete what’s there and add a new color palette of your choosing.
  • Launch Nuendo. At this point the program defaults will now have your modified color palette so to use them you will need to choose to “Load Program Defaults to Current Set” from your color palette menu.


Thanks for this, and for taking the time!

Does this void my Nuendo warranty? :smiley: Cool hack. Thanks.

It’d be great to see a better color management section in Nuendo as doing all those changes manually via the interface is time consuming :slight_smile:

+1 but thanks for doing this nevertheless.

If you have already done this to your defaults.xml you should be able to save an empty project with all these new colors loaded in the color selector and share the .npr file. Then, upon opening this project the colors can be set as default via the color selector interface :slight_smile:

I have certainly chosen a few of them for my color palette based on my tastes however with Nuendo’s color display it doesn’t nicely group them into multiple columns so adding them all to a project file wouldn’t be very user friendly :slight_smile:

À Nice colour palette to import into Nuendo.