Color Picker behavior remaining issues in C13.0.30

I see with pleasure that now, when using the Color Picker, the RGB values are stored without derivating, as they were until recently.

But there are is still issues, concerning the S and V (brightness) settings, on the left of the window, unless i haven’t understood yet how these two parameters are supposed to be set :

  • When using the arrow of the S one, its value increases 5 steps by 5, while the arrow decreases at first, then immediatly returns to its previous state.

  • When using the arrow of V (brightness), it shows the inverse same behavior as the S arrow. Beside this, the V arrow decreases the value by 2, instead of 1.

  • Both of them also show an erratical behavior when entering directly a value via the keyboard instead of the mouse.

At the opposite, there is no issue using the RGB settings, whether with the mouse or the keyboard. So, could someone confirm ?