Color Picker

Color picker does not allow all shades of blue. No deep, dark blue allow. Only gray shades of blue. The color picker in older versions used to allow all colors?

What is going on with the Theme colors? Are we forced to use black or grey now?

Actually its the other way, you can’t use black. There is a limitation on how dark you can set colors & it varies by color. You cannot set a color anywhere is the checkerboard areas. I think this was introduced at Cubase 10 (but I wouldn’t bet on it).

I suspect (this is totally made up on my part) that Steinberg is reserving those colors for their own use in the GUI. If anyone knows the real reason, I’d love to hear it.

Well, The main theme in the color picker seems to be Gray (maybe the developer is depressed). And yes it is the checkerboard area. In my case the area is much bigger. I cannot go darker than this blue. or green or purple because the not-usable area.

I would love to hear that too. Why degrade the color picker?


I’d forgotten they’d limited it from the other side too in Preferences.

I wonder (but not enough to test it out) if the colors selected in Preferences change what is available in Project Colors.

Wow, I got an answer from technical support. They cannot fix this as is a limitation imposed by the developer.

I wish I could lay my hands on the UX designer or his boss who approved these changes. Truly ridiculous, I mean why taking a tool that was working and redesigned to a limited one?

It is a laughing matter.