Color Prefs Bug - chance for a fix, any time soon? *grrr*

As we know, NU10 isn’t able to save its Preferences properly. At least, I’ve been able to save one entry a few months ago which gave me somewhat familiar colors (although I have to recall it manually each time I start Nuendo … major PITA, but different story). All other attempts have been futile.

Today, all of a sudden, NU10 decided to destroy this single working set of Preferences for no apparent reason. aaargghhhhhh :imp: I get all kind of visual cr*p now, like transparent fader knobs, black inserts, black routing, invisible waveforms … in this state the GUI is not just ugly, but simply unusable. The only workaround seems to be to recall Nuendo’s default Prefs manually, which is no option, for understandable reasons.

@Steinberg - please, PLEASE fix this NOW!

(NU 10.2.10, Windows 7 64bit prof.)


As you said, it’s not possible to save the preset now.

The save way is to make a Profile. Then something like this cannot happen.

Profile? Will have to investigate … never used (or needed) this feature in 20 years of Nuendo.

What’s wrong with the idea of saving Preferences? 8-/


Profiles store more than just the Preferences window. It stores all Nuendo settings.

I just tried to create a Profile with my basic settings - doesn’t work. The colors are not recalled properly. … didn’t check for other Prefs, though.

… apart from that: Switching Profiles is achieved by closing the application (and killing the running process from the Task Manager manually, one might add), which is not what you want to do mid-session, just for changing Preferences.


Be aware, you have to make the settings (in the Preferences), then you have to quit Nuendo to store the settings to the preferences files. Then start Nuendo again and then you can store the Profile.

The Profile file is created from the preferences files, which are stored while quit Nuendo.

… which doesn’t happen reliably. Funny enough I got back colors for the fader buttons (which were transparent yesterday), but other Prefs still won’t recall, no matter how often I create/re-create/duplicate/save/recall Profiles and re-start the application. - Quite contrary: During testing NU seemingly lost my usual Audio Event Display settings; now the waveforms are shown in the dreaded “outlined” style by default, which I have to get rid of manually every time.

Something is fundamentally broken in this version.

There are some color bugs in the latest Nuendo 10.2.10. For example, I cannot change the color of the marker track no matter what I do - it refuses to change colors from what it was when I loaded the song file. Ugh. I can change the cycle markers but not the actual marker track. This bug was also in Cubase 10 and 10.5.


I cannot reproduce this here on my side (Cubase 10.5.10). Do you save the project with default Marker track color (grey or other)? Or do you change the color before save?

Could you describe in step by step manner, please?


Nuendo simply doesn’t re-write its Preferences when it’s told to do so. Major PITA. To overcome the most blaring issues I took the time and edited the respective XML-commands manually, which indeed did the trick. Quite obviously there’s something wrong with the application when a stupidly simple workaround like this one can be used.

The marker color in the Inspector window can never be changed in either Cubase 10.5.10 or Nuendo 10.2.10. It almost works in C10.but it takes multiple attempts. The marker colors in the arrange view follow the color selected on the marker track. But you can’t ever change the color. I don’t know what it does on an unsaved song because I don’t have any “unsaved” songs, only template songs I use when starting with all my settings and instruments.


Make sure your Nuendo doesn’t crash (silently) while quit. Also don’t save the preset in the Preferences. This is an known issue, this doesn’t work.


It works to me here always. I just hover over the Track name tab in the Inspector and use Shift + scroll-whell to change the Marker track colour.

Do you maybe use any older project? Or maybe a project template coming from older Cubase/Nuendo version? Do you know from witch version?

Hahaha! Thanks Martin! That totally works. How did you know how to do that? Thats too cool. Appreciate your help.


This is the way I change the colour of all tracks.

How did you do it? Which way doesn’t work, please? Just click to the arrow?

Hi Martin,

this is absolutely great! Didn’t know it, but it is really handy.
Thank you!