Color Prefs.

Sorry, I know this is kinda trivial, but I just think the whole color scheme in Prefs sucks. You can’t have a bright arrange window and a dark mixer?

Am I a crazy or is this bugging the hell out of any one else . . .


Guess it’s not bothering anyone else . . sorry.

Sorry, you are totally wrong.
Look at the little graphic in front of this picture:

BTW: the prefs are great - please RTFM before posting any assumptions or moanings.


I love the look of c6. its just damn fine to look at…

not feeling what you saying i guess.

The built-in GUI customization available in the preferences are a much appreciated option.

I like a neutral to dark gray interface which makes any other colors just pop out!

It’s a pain to have to restart Cubase after making adjustments to the General Appearance preference, but the results are worth it. :mrgreen: