Color problem with track name

I’ve noticed a strange problem with track name coloring in Cubase 12.0.52 on Windows 11:

Usually, when I select a track, Cubase is smart enough to change the track name to a dark color to contrast against the light background of the selected track (like the “Drum Grp” group track in this example):


However, when I select the “Drum FX” FX track above it, while it correctly shows the light background to indicate I selected that track, for some reason, it doesn’t change the track name to a dark color in this case - never seen this before:


Not a huge deal - the track name is still (somewhat) legible since the selected track background color is a light grey, providing some contrast against the white track name, but this seems like a bug regardless, so I wanted to (a) report it via this forum and (b) see if anybody else has experienced this (and maybe even has a workaround)?

Maybe there’s a color preference setting somewhere I’m unaware of that isn’t set right?


Can you reproduce it with any project or just the only one, please?

Have you tried to disable Cubase preferences, please?

I’ve only encountered this once, in this particular project, so I have no idea how to reproduce this.

When you say “disable Cubase preferences”, what do you mean?


You can Disable Preferences from the Cubase Safe Start Dialog.

OK, thanks. And I can do this temporarily? I don’t want to mess up the preferences in my Cubase installation, which is working fine.

The Safe Mode Dialog allows you to disable preferences temporarily or delete them permanently.

Safe Mode help

I’ll try this out and report back my findings.

I opened up the project that had this issue, and the issue wasn’t happening anymore (despite me not touching the project, or my Cubase setup). Must have been a rare edge case issue in Cubase that resolved itself somehow.

If it shows up again, I’ll see if disabling preferences helps.

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