color questions

Many thanks for the lines feature! I use Dorico to make videos and eBooks. This will help make my work much easier. Less need to edit examples in a graphics program.

I would be even more ecstatic if it were possible to color the lines. The color option seems to be available for lines (in the bottom panel), but when I attempt to change color, the line remains black.

While I’m on the topic, I wonder whether it will someday be possible to change the color of an entire note–the stem and flags/beams–and not just the notehead?

Thanks in advance,

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I’ll make a note of making lines support changing colour, and we’ll try to add that soon.

Changing the colour of the entire note, including the stem, rhythm dots, accidental, etc. is not currently in our plans. Things get complicated if you want to colour the beam but have conflicting colours chosen for the notes under the beam.

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Thanks, Daniel!
I understand the possible confusion of having several different colors under one beam. Perhaps an option to color the entire note? To my eye, coloring the noteheads alone only partially highlights them. Those of us who use Dorico to teach would benefit from having the ability to make illustrations as vivid as possible. Hey, if it’s a lot of trouble for you guys, probably not worth it. But if it’s a simple fix?


It’s not especially simple, I don’t think, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t tackle it at some point in the future.

Thanks for considering this. The addition of lines has given Dorico a quantum leap for anyone who uses graphics to annotate musical examples!

any word on this?
i’m looking to have voice 2 as if it were written entirely different color.


I’m wanting to notate some notes in red (to emulate medieval/renaissance rubric practice). Completely understand the beaming headache with different colours but it’s a shame it’s not possible if I promise to only use one colour. Perhaps you could have the beam creation disable the colour property for all concerned notes if they were different colours (or force all beamed notes to be the same colour)?

Currently the only solution seems to be take the pdf elsewhere and colour those notes which isn’t great

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I’ve gotten used to using Dorico’s “export graphics” feature to send an excerpt to edit colors and more in a drawing program. ( meets all my needs.) But my project calls for excerpts, not entire scores. I don’t know that this information will help you (probably not), but I didn’t want to say nothing. I wish you success in finding a solution that works for you.