Color scheme from v5-6.5 to 7-9.5

Hey guys,

Since i use new versions, i very miss this old bright color schemes like in v5-6.5,

never was a fan of dark tones, my eyes get tired way faster than on bright, so i wondering:

if someone has 99% exactly the same color scheme for new version (or for 7-9 doesnt matter), could you share it here or direct me please?

here is colors what i talking about:


Just not possible at the moment. Automation is barely visible on a light background right now, for example, and not enough is customizable.

Here is my feature request for this:

Well, what i see in these videos, it has already very good scheme for eyes,

im sure, somebody on forum has exactly the same configuration presets(scheme presets), it looks like exactly the same as v6
especially in this video:

That’s Cubase 7. Not 9.5