Color Schemes in 9.5

Hi All,
I’ve been revamping my color scheme but there’s one area I can’t seem to locate.
The menu bar is so dark that the black lettering is barely readable. What color protocol is this listed under so I can lighten the bar or the lettering?



This is Windows 7 issue. I would recommend to upgrade to Windows 10.

Thanks for the reply Martin.
Are you sure it’s Windows 7 or Pro 9.5? 9.3 is lighter and clearer.

Try another Windows color scheme. You can customize the current color to make it lighter and/or disable aero transparency.

I would love to try a different color scheme but all the choices I saw were similarly dark and dreary. lol
I tried the customizable one on the bottom but it wouldn’t let me move the selection circle out of a small area which left me in the darker region of limited color selection. The color scheme I have in 9.3 is a light blue.

Ok, I just dropped to a newbie here. What you were trying to tell me is the menu frame I was speaking of is a color adjustment in Windows, not Cubase.
I apologize for my lapse in sense! lol
Thanks for your help!