Color sections vertically

I’d love to be able to have a verse section one color, citrus another and so on

How would you get around the potential conflict with horizontal coloring.

I’ve always used a marker track, then color the markers according to section type (e.g. Verses are blue, choruses are red, bridges are yellow, etc…) This certainly helps, but the marker track may scroll out of view if there are many tracks. So I move the the marker track to where I can see it. I recommend this work-around.

This workflow might be slight improved if the marker were to “cast a shadow” vertically across all tracks; a shadow colored according to the marker color. How would this help? It would allow you to easily see the next section coming while tracking, and it would be easy to spot when making selections in the project window. But it wouldn’t overwhelm the horizontal colors.

I thought of changing the cursor color as the sections change, but that would be hard to notice, give no warning, and be useless when the cursor isn’t moving.


You can press the little / in the top right of the project view and there will be a split. If you place the marker track in the new field, it will stay there even when scrolling down.

Select all the Parts on the Tracks you want to color code. Then cut the Parts at the start and end of the verse (you’ll now have 3 Parts on each Track where you previously had one). Now if you select all the “verse” Parts you can change their color with the Color Select drop-down.

It would be nice just to highlight a section and color kinda transparent
Simplicity is what were after here!

To the OP, are you wanting the background behind the events to be colored or the events? Or both? You mention transparency but it wasn’t really clear on exactly what you wanted.

I think I would personally prefer the background to be shaded than the events in this scenario. Also, it may be helpful if they made it where you could color code the line where loop indicator is since that is always visible regardless of how many tracks you have. Just like the loop indicator the background of that section would be shaded with that color. There could also be some logic that would make it Cubase recognize the sections (by color change like the marker cycles) so that you could loop individual sections by clicking (or double clicking to avoid changing the loop accidentally) on the loop indicator line of that section. Of course, you could still highlight any bars manually for the loop cycle this would just be a quick way to change your loop points when concentrating on a certain section (intro, verse, chorus, outro). An active loop region would override the color you have specified in those bars but when inactive you would see your assigned color only shaded slightly lighter or darker. This idea is very similar to how the cycle marker work now other than the cycle markers don’t shade the background (at least not with my current settings).

I am basically saying to combine some of the functionality from the marker track into the loop indicator line since it is always visible and this would save some screen space for other tracks.