Color selector for multiple tracks not very reliable

Can we please have the color option feature back where you could highlight a bunch of tracks and select “use color for all selected tracks”?

Why would anybody take that feature away? It really saved a lot of time. The color function(s) since version 10 are completely wacko. Sometimes I can select a color and the track will listen to me and change. Sometimes not, and I have to go deep into the views to get it to obey. I don’t think the color function has been improved, it really feels like a step or two backwards.

Also, and I’ve been requesting this for years: I really need the option (from before) of making the Sustain pedal (controller 64) “on” (127) a different color than the “off” (0). Now they’re both grey with no ability to change. It used to be red on and blue off. Or vice versa.

Thanks, Cubase 10 is working great for me!

I am with you.

I’d agree the new color tool was confusing at the start. I am getting used to it and I have no problem with its functionality. I find it much easier to set up more color options than before.

what is the problem with selecting 1 color to multiple tracks? I just select the tracks I want. Move to the color tool in the toolbar, click it, then select the color I want. I don’t see how it could be much easier to apply.

Once they put back the option to apply color with pressing shift and rolling your mouse up/down over the track icon I was happy