Color the "routing" header in the mix console

quite often, I’ve to check in which group track an instrument is routed.
For this, I have to keep open the “routing” line in the mix console, losing some precious space and clicks.
It would be more practical for me if, instead of just seeing “routing”, all the same on all tracks, they had the same color as the group track they are routed in. I would be able to see at first glance where all the tracks of the mix console are going, without having to open the line, which includes the “input” line of which I have no use.

I don’t know if it makes sense for everyone, maybe some users are more interested by the “input” information of the routing line.

Let me know.

You can keep the routing input and output always visible, without clicking it

Yes sure, but it takes three lines on an already busy mix console.
Furthermore, maybe it comes from my aging eyesight, but with 32+ tracks, the output is not always clearly displayed.

oh, sorry, I didn’t understand your needings were saving room!!

Oh yes all the time ! And I’ve got two monitors !! :confused:
I can’t work without the Routing / Pre/Inserts/EQ / Strip and Send in the rack at the same time.
All are closed except the Inserts and the sends. Pre/EQ and Strip are useful closed because I can bypass them with a click. Routing is the only one that has no use closed.
Do you mean that YOU have enough room with the mix console ? You’re so lucky my friend !
Or you have a gigantic monitor :wink: