Color the staff according to the instruments in the writing tab

It would be really nice to be able to color the staff according to the instruments in the writing tab. When composing or arranging for a large number of instrumentalists, color helps to distinguish between them or groups.

You mean a coloured background behind the staff that matches the colour used in Play mode? Or something else?

Hi Daniel,

This would be logical, indeed, since colors are already assigned. That would be the simplest, I think for programming. If we could assign in Play mode the colors (and writing mode, but with a logical matching of the colors of each mode), it would be even better. One only has to analyze Stravinsky’s handwritten scores, such as the Rite of Spring, and then after a large number of contemporary scores, as you know, to see the importance of colors at the time of composition or orchestration work.


The possibility to colour (highlight) staves manually, for educational purposes etc., was (erm, is) actually a nice feature of Sibelius. I survive without it, but it was nice.

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I answer myself: sorry to have forgotten the color function of the notes in the bottom panel (properties), which partly corresponds to my Stravinskian example (except the lines). The function request for track colors is still very legitimate and desirable, but a lot can be done with note attributes.