Color themes for cubase and groove agent

I was badly suprised when I switched from cubase 9 to 11 with the new colors.
I never had to mess that much with the settings to make the UI approachable for my eyes. (Using the same monitors)

Especially with groove agent se 5, since you cannot change the color theme there can you ?
The grey white structured UI on se 3 was very convenient and approachable for your eyes to find things quickly.

Now with that matt black ui without any structure, it always feels like Im staring in a black hole and need a quick second to find things, its just no fun to use it like that.

A great example on how to go is: retrologue 2, its UI is just smooth like silk !!! I love it.
If you release a retrologue 3 with a fixed dark theme, I just could not buy it.

Please release pre build themes to choose from like: cubase 9 theme/ groove agent se3 theme.

That would help ALOT.

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YES!!! This DARK CRAP IS KILLING MY EYES!!!.. I Finally figured out after nearly a year how to change Nuendo colorsā€¦ And NOW, I have to deal with FRIGGINā€™ NUENDO!!!

These EXTREMIST copy-cats who are trying to steal ā€œWhatever is in trendā€ need to realize that what people think is Aesthetically ā€œCoolā€ does NOT often translate to functionalityā€¦ ESPECIALLY where it involves Vision!

UGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHā€¦ Next, This Forum will be Black on Black on Black. #GarbageUserInterfacing