Color Tool Custom Defaults Not Loaded At Startup

I have changed several colors and names in the new color tool and have saved them as defaults. At startup, they are back to the program defaults. Can the custom colors be loaded at startup? If I open up the color tool and manually load them they will work.

I have not seen anything in preference to load the custom defaults when you start up. I am using the latest version of Cubase on a Apple MacBook Pro i7 running OS 10.13.6. The loaded colors and names are always needed because I have setup a few key commands using the new Project Logical Editor and that uses the name of the color to set a color by a key command.


I can confirm this is working normally in Cubase 10.0.10 on a PC.

  1. Appended new color to list.
  2. Saved Current colors as Program Defaults.
  3. Restart Cubase.
  4. New color is included in the color pallet.

Hi, thanks for checking. I think I know what is going on. The settings are local to the project. You can save as default settings but they are not loaded with the project unless they are saved with the project. Then you see them.

  1. Start existing project.
  2. Bring up the color tool and recall default or change a color and save as default.
  3. Exit Cubase but don’t save the project.
  4. Reopen same project you will see the previous saved color tool colors.

What I was doing is making the changes in the color tool to an existing test project and not saving the project on exit. Now, if I create a new project, then the new custom defaults show up. I think it is working as designed and there is no issue. It is knowing that the colors are saved with the project. Different than a Key Command. I you make a change to a Key Command and don’t save the project the Key Command would still be saved on exit.

I think it working as it is designed to work and the way you would need it to work. Thanks again. And Thanks so much for information on the PLE. That is going to be very useful.


Oh good & makes sense. It is purposely designed so different Projects can have different Colors - which if you think about it is a nice touch. I’ve got “save before exiting” so ingrained in muscle memory that it is difficult to resist on the rare occasion I don’t want to.

Yes, it is a really nice feature. In programming, we have “local” and “global” functions, parms, variables, etc. Knowing what gets saved in the project and what get saved in Preferences is important to know. I found this out when using the PLE to change a track color. I changed the name of the color in the color tool and then the PLE didn’t work for that color. It must be that the PLE goes by the color name in the color tool.

By the way, it was an exiting color I changed and added a custom name to.

Thanks for your help.