Color Tool missing in Cubase 6.5 for Mac OS?

Since upgrading to 6.5, the “paint bucket” tool has vanished.
Can’t find it anywhere.
Bug or Feature?

Macbook Pro 2011; OS 10.7.3; 64bit enabled; 16 Gb RAM; Duet II

Missing in the Tool Bar and when right-clicking.

Missing on windows version as well.
Not that I used the paint bucket very often, but it would be good to know what happened.
There is no mention of it in the 6.5 version history -issue and solutions pdf document.


I have never used it. I’m using Color menu for this. You can select any region, and choose the color from the Color menu. Or, how specific did you use it, please?


Yep, gone here too. I did use it off and on and I would like it back…

Help>Documentation>Operation Manual in C6.5 is the C6 version.

As such, the Color Tool appears in tool bar screen shots on pages 37, 58, 59, 63, 65, and 66.

It is also prominently featured on pages 538 and 539.

My use of the Color Tool is variable but I like having it available.

Use of the Color Menu as Martin describes above is certainly an easy way to apply color, but the spray can is a cool icon that goes back to the early daze of computing. Check out the link below. Please bring it back. :cry:

+1. It seems we lost it to the comp tool - If I have to chose, the comp tool stays. But, I have enough screen space to have them both…

I bet you’re right. :bulb:
It’s certainly not a deal-breaker but at least give users the option to enable or disable the Color Tool (or any other tool) based on their screen real estate.

Missing on both MacOS and Windows.
This is a useful tool with an established role in normal workflow for many users.
Is it really gone, or was this a glitch in 6.5?

Is it really gone, or was this a glitch in 6.5?

Best guess? A glitch that needs correcting. Considering its listing and modifier choices still exist in prefs:

Its gone from the Key Commands as well.

I generally am happy with setting the default track colour as you still can, but it is useful to be able to set individual parts to a different colour sometimes (i.e I may do this to signify parts that I still need to do work to).

[edit] Forget that - you can still do this with the colour menu. It is only when in the key editor that there is a problem i.e. if you want to colour different notes - I’m not sure I need to do this.

Ah, I had noticed this but didn’t report because I use it so infrequently I figured I must have done something wrong. Good to know Im still sane :wink:

+1 I’m missing it too. I use it all the time and don’t see why a right-click tool select or key shortcut can be replaced by a tool bar drop menu. Didn’t think such a small thing would affect my workflow, but it does. And, yes, it IS in the documentation so hopefully it’s a bug.

Mods? No word? :confused:

I’m using a Windows version of Cubase 6.5 and noticed that there’s No Color Tool Button. This is not consistent with any of the documentation. This tool is also shown and explained in the “Ask Video” Tutorials in Module 9. Odd that a documented tool is not there…I thought there would be something to set under preferences but I haven’t found it.